AnonAnon has the products you need to protect your eyes from the cold, wind, and sun while you’re going full speed ahead. Anon Optics has a huge selection of styles, lenses, and designs for you to find the perfect goggles for your taste. In bright sunlight, hazy days, and dark nights, these goggles will help your vision on the mountain and save you from squinting or dangerous conditions. Anon goggles are designed with technology and the best materials to provide you with exactly what you need to save your face.

With a wide choice of lens styles and colors, you can mix and match for all types of weather and conditions. Anon will help you see clearer while protecting your peepers from the elements. Make your goggles more than just a safety feature – make them a fashion statement! In your favorite colors, from frames to lenses, the choices are endless. Whether you prefer to see life real or rose-colored, Anon Optics have you covered. At Santa Rosa Ski & Sports, we have a great selection of Anon goggles on hand for you to try on, so check them out and choose your favorite (or favorites, we won’t judge!).

Anon eyewear and accessories come in a rainbow of colors, so you can pick your favorite or find a pair to match your favorite jacket. See every detail of the mountain, even as you’re speeding down it with goggles that will enhance your experience instead of detract from it. No more defogging, wiping, or blurred vision. These goggles will give you the worry-free eye protection you’ve been begging for!

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