Coal Headwear

Coal HeadwearCoal Headwear believes that your hat is about much more than just keeping your head warm, even though they do that, too. With a selection of hats to suit your taste, style, and favorite color combos, Coal delivers the head-toasting gear you’ve always wanted. Coal hats, beanies and caps will only leave you with one dilemma — trying to pick your favorites. You’ll probably end up with a closet full of them to match every coat, jacket, and scarf you own, and we won’t judge you for that! Quality headwear at great prices and suited to your lifestyle is what this brand is all about.

Santa Rosa Ski & Sports has a fab selection of Coal Headwear ready for you to pull onto your noggin and try out. Whether you’re familiar with the brand already or not, Coal hats, beanies and caps will satisfy your need for new cranial accessories and maybe even spark a passion for hip hat fashion. Even if you don’t think you like hats or look good in them, we bet you’ll find the perfect Coal product for you.

Like your mom always said, it’s important to keep that noodle warm on cold days, so you might as well look great doing it. With the coolest colors and designs along with rad style, Coal Headwear delivers where many others fail. Swing by the shop and try some on to find the perfect hat or beanie for you. We won’t even hold it against you if you refuse to tell your friends the secret of your headwear game when they start begging you for it.

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