DC Boots

DC BootsThe selection of DC boots at Santa Rosa Ski & Sport is unmatched in the area. Keep your feet comfortable, warm, and protected every day you hit the mountain. These snowboard boots are exactly what you need to perform on the hill and look slick doing it. When paired with DC snowboards, you’ll look wickeder than ever and perform like never before. We even have a great inventory of DC outerwear to finish the look and keep you toasty warm. Look hot and stay snug wrapped in gear that will make your friends side-eye you with envy.

DC boots don’t make you choose between performance and comfort – they give you both! With better control and flexibility, they are the boot you need for long days in the powder. Your favorite skater brand can play in the snow too, giving you the fashion-forward edge that you love to slip into. When matched with DC snowboards, you’ll be an unstoppable force of skill, coolness, and style. You can be a bold blur as you speed down the slopes with control and flair!

Stop on by the shop to learn more about DC snowboarding gear, boards, and boots. Our expert team members will be happy to tell you more about the products and how they can help you become the boarder of your dreams. With DC boots and equipment, you’ll have the performance and control you need with the comfort and warmth you want. Try some on today, hit the slopes tomorrow, and shred in DC gear forever!

Snowboarding Boots