Gnu Snowboards

Gnu SnowboardsIf you’ve been looking for something weird, Gnu snowboards will be right up your alley. The company professes to be permanent residents on Mt. Weird, and Gnu designs boards with technology and function in mind, along with insane graphics. All handcrafted right here in the USA. Can’t beat that! Santa Rosa Ski & Sports has a great selection of Gnu boards to check out if you’ve never seen one before.

Created with the latest in materials and technologies, Gnu snowboards offer a unique ride for your style, with boards designed for all types of riders men, women, and kids. With advanced boards made for all types of terrains, slope styles and riders, they have a board perfect for you. Whether you’re new to the sport or have been hitting the slopes for years, a new snowboard could have you cutting cleaner, riding smoother, and feeling better about your ride. You’ll get noticed for sure with Gnu’s brightly colored snowboard designs. There aren’t many other companies with the design style of Gnu, making it fun to choose and even more fun to ride. Once you see everything Gnu has to offer you as a boarder, you could get sucked into the weird, too!

Come and check out Santa Rosa Ski & Sport’s selection of Gnu snowboards and learn more about what their function and technology can do for you on the mountains. Our experts in store can help guide you to the perfect board, designed to fit your shredding style and type of ride. It’s time to head down the slopes a little “weirder.”– it’s time to look into Gnu.

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