K2 Snowboards

K2 SnowboardsK2 snowboards offer something for every rider, whether you like deep powder, groomed slopes, or tricky pipes. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your board or just trying something new, a K2 snowboard could be just the ticket. With epic performance and slick, colorful K2 branded logo designs, these boards will be attention-grabbing on the mountain. Maybe even more so when you start showing off your new skills!

No matter how you ride, you can find a great K2 snowboard to reach your max potential on the slopes. Your boarding game will rock with K2’s years of research and cool technology under your feet. You can land softer, turn harder, soar higher and go big without going home, until closing time, at least! Every ride will be your best ride with the experience of the K2 brand helping you downhill. When you’re ready to expand your boarding game, find out if K2 snowboards are the perfect fit for you.

At Santa Rosa Ski & Sport, we can help you find the best board and setup to match your skills, ride style, and performance needs. Our selection of K2 snowboards will offer whatever you need to hit the mountain with a better board than ever before. Come on in into the shop to learn more and ask our expert associates the important questions you need answered. Stop burying yourself in broad, boring research and let our staff do that work for you. A precision board selected for you can be just what you need to take your shreds to the next level!

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