Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is this weekend, baby! We are so stoked to get the squad together and float down the river or get some ski sport action at the lake. Who’s with us?! This is absolutely perfect timing because the NorCal lakes could not be any fuller! This weekend really kicks off the summer and gets everyone ready for camping, boating, and fishing. Man, I’m getting pumped! Everywhere you look we have high, full, blue, awesome lakes and flowing rivers.


summer memorial day weekend


We pulled some information on lake levels from SF Gate to give you a better idea of how set we are for this weekend. Here’s a list of lakes near us: Folsom (86), Tahoe (100), Clear (100), Pillsbury (74), Mendocino (70), Berryessa (65), Sonoma (64), Shasta (93), and Almanor (78). This is soooooooo much better than where we were the last few years. Okay, here’s the deal, we need you to get your group of friends and family out to one of these lakes this weekend, go camping or just spend the weekend with the people you care about most and have a great time doing it!. That’s it, that is literally everything we need from you. The weather should be nothing but clear sky’s and sunshine so don’t forget to bring your sunscreen (that stuff is important you know).


Worry not my friends, we have the gear to get you through this weekend. We have all the shwag you need to stay hot and keep the mood loose. We’ve got the essential floating ice chests and towable and inflatable tubes. Seriously folks, we’ve got you covered. All we want to do is take care of our own,  and a word to the wise you should keep June 25th open. Get the day off work, change the calendar around a bit, do what you gotta to do, just save the date. Alright peeps, we’ll catch you on the flipside and we’ll see you out at the lakes this weekend!