An overdue shout out to our boy Chad Lowe!

Chad Lowe is one of our sponsored athletes at SRSS and we love him because of his local roots, his ridiculous wake skills, and the fact that he is an all around great dude. Chad grew up in Sebastopol and went to Montgomery high school. After high school Chad graduated from San Diego State University in 2003 and has been REALLY busy since then.

You see, Chad Lowe is a world and two time USA national champion with over 15 years of experience coaching wakeboarding. Chad has trained many of the top young riders who wake today and he also hosts clinics all over the world. It is truly an honor and pleasure to have Chad Lowe with us on the 25th. What sets Chad apart (aside from being a champion)? He is a NASM CPT (National Association of Sports Medicine) essentially Chad can help you train on and off the boat – he can create workouts that are specific to wakeboarding as well as competition preparation, injury prevention and plenty of other training activities specific to wake.

Chad has literally been all over the place this year, in May He did a Hoven cable riders Texas tour, he hit the Texas triangle, Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Then he hit the Western Regionals in San Diego and coached at Mission Bay Aquatic Center. All that, was just in May… Then Chad coached the Jr US team (9-14 year olds) who are getting ready for nationals in Kentucky.

Look for Chad in July in Miami, the US national Championships are going on from the 27th-31st. Then again in August, the US world Championships are from the 25-28th, but what we are most stoked about for Chad is the IWWF team USA event. Chad took 2nd place in the world last year for pro veteran’s circuit, no big deal.

Chad Lowe


Here at SRSS, we absolutely love Chad and we’ll keep you updated as the summer moves along because we all know Chad is a busy dude. Just as a heads up we carry a lot of his shwag. His super dope shades are from Hoven, which we carry. We’ve also got all the hot gear from Byerly. If you want to ride like a pro, we all know you have to look like a pro. Pick up some Hoven and Byerly gear today and be that much closer to Chad Lowe’s level…. we can all dream right