Water Ski Gloves

Grip it and rip it in a new pair of water ski gloves. Designed to let you hold on tight without wear and tear and hideous blisters, gloves will save your hands and your sanity. Go on more laps around the lake without finger fatigue or a roughing up of your palms. Santa Rosa Ski and Sports has all of the water skiing accessories you need to make your lake-bound extreme sports perfect.

You’ve got the rope, the skis, and hopefully the boat. So now you need all those little things you forgot about or didn’t think you really needed. Water ski gloves will be the perfect addition to your water wardrobe. Think of them as fashionable as well as functional! With all the best water skiing accessories onboard, you’ll be ready to tackle the waves in all of your decked out glory. You may not think you need those little accessories, but once you try them, you’ll never look back.

By improving your skills and upping your comfort level, new equipment can change the way you ride the wakes. When you gear up like a pro, you ride like a pro. At least that’s what you can keep telling yourself. But the truth is, water ski gloves may not have you skiing at the ultimate level, but they can make every ride longer with improved grip and comfier with less abrasion.

Santa Rose Ski and Sports experts are standing by, ready to guide you to the best equipment you need for all of your water sport adventures. Come on in today and get geared up for the best time you’ll ever have on one ski. Or two skis. Same diff.

Not seeing what you want here? We have plenty in house! Call (707) 578-4754 for more details.