Multiple Rider Towables

When you’re tired of hanging out on the tube by your lonesome, it could be time to up your game with multiple rider towables. It’s no fun leaving your friends on the boat when they can hit up the wakes with you! With inflatable tubes that can hold one, two, or even three or more folks, it would be crazy not to bring the party to the tube! Forget taking turns, waiting for your ride, or fighting for position. With larger towables, more people can have fun at once!

Think of the fun you could have with multiple rider towables in your boating arsenal. Create new games, complete against your friends (or enemies), or just enjoy the rides and laughs with your buddy beside you. Inflatable tubes require little to no skill, making it the perfect way to have fun on the water with your whole gang. If you can wear a life jacket, hold on to a tow, and enjoy a little water splashing in your face, you’re ready to tube, dude!

At Santa Rosa Ski and Sport, we have everything you need when it comes to towables and water accessories. We can get you suited up from head to toe no matter what your desired water sport is! Our experts have the knowledge and experience you can trust and they know what it takes to have a good time.

Come get stocked up for the boating season and check out our selection of multiple rider towables. It’s time to take a couple laps around the lake with your pal (or several) beside you screaming in your ear!

Not seeing what you want here? We have plenty in house! Call (707) 578-4754 for more details.