Combo Water Skis

Combo water skis are the perfect intro to behind the boat fun. With combo skis, beginners to novices to just for fun riders can all enjoy the excitement and thrill of water skiing. Beginner water skis allow for shallow water and slower speed starts and provide two ski stability. With two feet and two skis underneath you, water skiing is less about a balance game and more about getting up, holding on, and having fun. Good balance will help a little bit, though.

A good set of combo water skis can take you from beginner to I’m-pretty-good-at-this in no time. As skills progress, many skiers will attempt to kick off one ski to practice slalom skills. With a flexibility to grow with you and help you grow, beginner water skis are the perfect introduction to the sport. Perfect for mellow to exciting laps around the lake, combo skis become a perfect addition to your boat equipment inventory. And assuming you have some friends roughly the same size as you, you can even share beginner water skis and spread the fun around. If you’re willing to hand over the rope, of course.

For a wide selection of combo water skis and gear, Santa Rosa Ski and Sports has it all. Our experts are ready to help you choose the perfect ski to suit your needs as well as point you in the direction of anything else you may need. From tows to tubes to gloves to ropes, we’ve got just what you need to make those sunny days on the water even better. Just don’t forget the gas for the boat.

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