Slalom Water Skis

On a mission for new, improved Slalom water skis? Santa Rose Ski and Sports has the selection of advanced water skis you need have fun, advance your skills, and show off your water prowess. When you need speed and excitement, you only need one ski. One great, awesome ski. With Slalom skis, your better-than-beginner skills can thrive and progress as you tar around the water powering over every wake and bypassing every buoy on the course.

Advanced water skis will provide you with the extra lift and less drag and are designed to go faster. Much faster than you thought you’d ever want to go on a single apparatus. Hit the course or just have fun on the lake freestyle with new slalom water skis that can take your game to the next level. Our extreme spots experts are ready to help you choose the best new ski (and coordinating gear) to match your skill level, your hopes, and your dreams. Okay, maybe just your waterskiing dreams, but isn’t that all you dream about anyway?

Come on in and check out our selection of slalom water skis and all the other water accessories you need to have the best summer ever. Santa Rose Ski and Sports has everything you need, even the stuff you didn’t think you needed. So gather up your friends, gas up the boat and soak up the sunshine and waves! By being well-stocked, well-prepared, and well-equipped, all you will have to worry about is hold on and staying up!

Not seeing what you want here? We have plenty in house! Call (707) 578-4754 for more details.